At Bear-Budget Films, our mission is to foster unique narratives that explore identity through boundary-pushing character experience in our effort to construct change.


Stephen Barnett has worked in Performance, Theatre, Acting, Photography, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Construction, Interior & Furniture Design, Art, Sculpture, and Cinema throughout his career because he knows these multiple disciplinary experiences help produce better storytelling.


He recently graduated with a Master's in Gender, Sexuality, and Cinema Theory from the CUNY Graduate Center shortly after a CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies in Theatre and Cinema production.

Thus far, he has produced an exploritory filmography of twenty independent films of varied length, cast, crew, content, and accolades.


He spends his personal time producing
2&3-dimensional works of art.

In the vernacular of "Art-speak,"
these works are described as: 
Mixed-Media Structural Assemblages,
but he refers to them as:
Photography Sculptures,
which are comprised of his SLR images, architectural gestures of wood, found objects, and a touch of color to accentuate a line or to highlight.

The pleasure and purpose he seeks to achieve is a symbiotic balance of beauty found in the ugly so as to instill a sense of pride from that which is shamed and discarded.

Typhaceae (2015)
6" x 16.5" (x 3.5")
Oak, Poplar, Silver-Geltatin Print, Rusted Nails, Oil Paint

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