Our mission is to foster unique short-film and feature-length narratives that push boundaries by constructing change while exploring identity through character experience.



Established in 2016, the company’s name characterizes the triangulation of bare-minimum budgets, the subculture of “Bear” within the Queer community, and the professional objective to foster independent cinema.


Our driving purpose is to produce invigorating independent perspectives to emotional, psychological, and social-impact original narrative films.


Our core values are based on a commitment to revealing community through passion, humor, open-mindedness, creativity, adventure, compassion, respect, courage, service to others, and perseverance.


Our visionary goal is to be steadfast with the following:

- To illuminate a distinctive point of view.

- To resist oppression by unifying difference through empathy.

- To give rise to stories and characters whose voices forge against standardizing normativity.

- To represent the possibility that anyone can break down barriers and achieve success regardless of and yet from within consideration for the identity politics inherent to age, class, disability, gender, race, religion, sexuality, and/or successful but “unknown” status.


Bear-Budget Films is founded on listening to and learning from formal-education and life-experience.


Filmmaking takes laser focus, articulate vision, and it means taking chances.

It’s about turning the impossible into the inevitable.



Stephen Barnett has worked in Theatre, Acting, Photography, Storytelling, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Interior & Furniture Design, Construction, Sculpture, and the Cinema Arts throughout his professional career because these multiple disciplines help produce better storytelling.


He recently graduated with a Master's in Gender, Sexuality, and Cinema Theory from the CUNY Graduate Center shortly after a CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies in Theatre and Cinema production.


Prior to that, he studied acting from Constantin Stanislavski, the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, the Herbert Berghof Studio, Uta Hagen, and Sanford Meisner.

Consequently, he has independently produced a filmography of twenty films of varied budget, length, cast, crew, content, and accolades.

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