Trapped between loving the sinner and hating the sin, a desperate Grandmother turns to her Priest for guidance regarding her Queer Grandchild and is subsequently (re-)shamed into choosing between her religious faith and her family, which results in a choice between life and death.

This short film project is fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), with funding provided by [insert donor/your name here].


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Do you remember the first time in your life when you had feelings of sexual desire for someone, and do you remember suddenly feeling terrified of what that meant and what people would think of you if they knew? … Unfortunately, this is still a very common experience for so many of the LGBTQ community wherein rejections, closets, bullying, and suicides are just as prevalent as they’ve always been. However, TODAY you are in the powerful position to help make all the difference for that person trapped between the choice to love or hate, which can result in the difference between life and death.

Know in advance that we readily honor your contribution in multiple ways, the first of which is a THANK YOU gesture through the assemblage of a Donor’s Jigsaw Puzzle. Because of its symbolic meaning:  Unwavering Love, we’ve chosen an image of the Bellflower as a representation of your individual contribution toward unconditional love and support. In other words, for the value of every $250 tax-deductible donation (i.e., a $2,500 donation yields ten) we will add another piece (or pieces) to the puzzle and use it as a promotional progress illustration over the course of this LIMITED-TIME fundraising campaign. Furthermore, the puzzle will be used as the Donors Logo associated with your name, or your requested “Alias” or “Anonymous”, and then ultimately featured likewise in this short film project’s Closing Credits.



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